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Liaison helps higher education institutions identify, recruit, and enroll best-fit students with improved outreach, application, and enrollment processes.

More than 4,500 programs rely on our admissions management and marketing automation software and services to reach prospective students, streamline administrative tasks, and create exceptional experiences for applicants across the full enrollment cycle—from first interest to first day on campus.

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“NursingCAS is more than just an application tool, it’s also a recruitment tool. Simply by being listed on the NursingCAS website, Rush has gained national exposure. It is a no-cost way for hot prospects to search and find a program in which they were already interested. By being on CAS, we’re attracting out-of-state applicants that may have never heard of Rush and we’re attracting them to both our online programs and our on-campus offerings.”
Dr. Lisa Rosenberg, PhD, RN, Rush University College of Nursing
“We’ve been able to more effectively hone the enrollment management process. We now have a better understanding of our population of applicants; how many applications it takes to get a qualified class; and where the attrition is during the various phases of enrollment – from accept, to confirm, to the first day of class. This allows us to predict future enrollment outcomes with greater accuracy.”
Dr. Lisa Rosenberg, PhD, RN, Rush University College of Nursing
“AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) came out with a policy recognizing that the transcripts received by NursingCAS could be the official transcripts of the school and it became unnecessary for applicants to send hard copy transcripts to Rush. This created tremendous efficiencies for our Admissions and Registrar’s offices.”
Dr. Lisa Rosenberg, PhD, RN, Rush University College of Nursing
“WebAdmit has a robust reporting capacity. Our office is charged with the detailed admissions reporting required for the annual AACN survey. Prior to NursingCAS just collecting and collating the data for this one part of the report would take over four hours. Using WebAdmit it now takes under an hour.”
Dr. Lisa Rosenberg, PhD, RN, Rush University College of Nursing
“Our call-center representatives went from calling scores of unqualified leads on a regular basis, to regularly getting in touch with qualified candidates through the Spectrum system. This has completely changed the way we use the human resources in our office. Now that representatives don’t waste time on unqualified leads like before, we have been able to give them ownership of recruiting activities for specific programs of study. Their production has hit record levels and we are on track to have a historic year of recruiting!”
Michael Heavener, Trinity Baptist College
“Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) has been using Spectrum to enhance our communication with prospective students for more than a year with very positive results. The personalized messages and post cards that are sent via Spectrum are very appealing and parents and students have commented on how much they like the mailings they receive. The Spectrum team is very knowledgeable, patient, and professional. They have been very helpful in working with us to find the best solutions to meet our needs and they provide a service that we could not duplicate in-house.”
Annette Jeffes, MCLA
“Spectrum’s EMP system has vastly improved our recruitment marketing process. The system enables us to engage prospects, inquiries, and applicants quickly with targeted, personalized communications. Our enrollment advisors report improved targeting, shorter inquiry-to-applicant conversion time, and greater yield with the EMP system. Dashboard statistics allow us to see immediate results, and track groups and individual recruitment efforts. “
Michelle C. Marrone, Franklin Pierce University
“The Spectrum staff members have been very responsive to our needs… Students and parents have told us they appreciate the photo of the CSC Representative arriving in their email with all needed contact information after initiating the micro-site. The ‘automatic’ aspect of the system is wonderful when office staff are busy helping students.”
Tena Cooke, Chadron State College